There is a one — sometimes you get one or two more. It hits you like a bolt and endures way beyond ‘attraction’. You do indeed know it when you find it. And it’s often never the ones that look good on paper or who you’d imagine. It takes you unawares and it’s like coming home. It’s not a ruse or scheme but it is a starting point — the rest is hoping both people, finding each other, are ready to do the work. But that soulmate magnet keeps making it work anyway. Sometimes you do find the one but they’re not ready or don’t recognize you (in this life time) and that’s a heartbreak. But it’s also the antidote to accepting almost-the-one or ok-enough because once you’ve felt it — nothing is the same and nothing less will do. Because they couldn’t reach the moon era’s ago, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

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Cookbook Author, Master Baker, Writer, contributer to Huffington, Washington Post, PBS Next Avenue. Find me and

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