Just Another Pandemic Poem or Fear Takes a Holiday

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Just Another Pandemic Poem or Fear Takes a Holiday

Just when the world closed up
Shuttered and scared
My own centric world expanded
Odd, but true —

The default fear that always found a home in me
Just left —
Not that I put my head
In that dwindling foundation of sand
We pretend is solid
Nor did I shut off the usual suspects
Reminding me 24/7 to be fearful.
No, nothing like that.

This thing called fear is a bully you know
And one I know well, having fought with him
All my days, until now.

Fear is be the ultimate fund-raiser
Knocking door to door
Pressing you to give and give more
Hand out, threat wagging, chilly grin on its face
Asking you to kneel in service to cold comfort which of course
Never lasts.
I’ve donated many, many times.
Until now.

You see, pandemic or not, I tell Fear —
I’ve given you all I have.
It’s not that I’m brave, I’m just done.
The till of darkness is empty.
Surrendered or stoic
There’s just nothing left.
So knock all you want
I’m staring you in the eye
But you’re so used to my back
That when you reach around
You find your quiver empty.

And what’s more, Fear old friend –
Behind the largesse of surrender
There’s hope and positivity:
Good will come from this.
Family suppers
Too much homemade bread
Beauty in solitude
Walks that have no meaning yet new insights
Silent skies, bereft of planes
Are bird-filled and chirpy
This cocoon
Begotten by a pandemic
Is a profound thing
It wakes up my spirit
And roosts in my soul.
It’s not for want of trying
But as it turns out
I just don’t know where to find you anymore.

What do they all say?
This too shall pass
I’m sorry, Fear — but it’s true.
This too shall pass

Even you.

Written by

Cookbook Author, Master Baker, Writer, contributer to Huffington, Washington Post, PBS Next Avenue. Find me and betterbaking.com.

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