They say there’s one hundred words for snow
But I’m not privy to the language
That makes it so
And as magical as snow can be
One hundred words does seem in excess

So I wonder
On this winter’s solstice night
Why love, no less miraculous than snow
Has only one word to crown its glory
And honour its story.

Love is over-used perhaps
Sometimes untrue
But Love certainly rivals snow
It’s as magical
As dear
As sweet.

Adoration is not the same
Nor lust, infatuation, passion
They pale or are over the mark
Before or beyond the point. …

Michael Maadsen courtesy of Unsplash

If no one wrote love songs
I would never have known
That men loved or stayed
Or felt the same way
When love betrayed.

If no one penned books
Of love and anguish
I would never imagine
The tales of waiting
All those stories
Of rivers to cross
To another side
Where love waved
And reunions took place
And the last page ended in
That perfect embrace.

To me, love was fiction
Or a tune for which
I didn’t have the words
A lover’s story or simple song
Each made me ache and wonder
Was it rumour or…

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Poetry Sunday

When He Left

When he left
The poetry stopped
Just like that-
The words clammed up
The heart was a dammed and stopped
Sentiment (forget about love!)
Froze in the faucets
As if he was something
With merit and meaning
Instead of being
Just a common thing
In the grander scheme.

The heart was not amused
And so the muse fled
Presumably to land in a land
Where things retain their flow
And a change of heart
Doesn’t mean all and everything —

All that sweetness
Simply had to go —
Such a pity — the baby and the bath water
And all of that.

And still —

There are those mornings
And those moments
Where a wisp of smoke or a ghost breeze
Still echoes and strives
To be heard above the din
Of love long gone
Without a trace
And no goodbye.

Calm walks, forest stillness, no anxiety to be found.

Just when the world closed up
Shuttered and scared
My own centric world expanded
Odd, but true —

The default fear that always found a home in me
Just left —
Not that I put my head
In that dwindling foundation of sand
We pretend is solid
Nor did I shut off the usual suspects
Reminding me 24/7 to be fearful.
Nothing like that.

This thing called fear is a bully you know
And one I know well, having fought with him
All my days, until now.

Fear is be the ultimate fund-raiser
Knocking door to door
Pressing you to…

You Don’t Have to Heal to Find True Love *
* Plus the REAL Reason You Haven’t Found It Yet

Fractured and strong, your beautiful heart is a Love magnet.

I’ve read so many features on finding love I could (and probably should) write the book at this point. As a work-for-hire writer, I can be a tad mercenary but on doling out love advice, I think what I have to say is a public service announcement and therefore is freely given. My commentary is a personal one based on over six decades living on the planet.

Here’s the thing about Love: Love doesn’t really care, even quality soul-mate…

Pandemic Tango or Last Tango in Winter

Tango in winter keeps you warm. This portrayal of tango in the snow is by Irish artist Alan Hogan; you can find him here

There’s something extra special about pre-winter holiday tango, especially if you live in a frosty white and cold winter city like Montreal. In summer, Montreal is a sexy coquette: a bit Paris, a bit New York but indelibly herself. But in winter that delightful warmth is scarce; the December air is crystal and glints, casting a shimmery light against the darkness of the early sun-setting afternoons. But if you…

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Three Free Awesome Rosh Hashanah Recipes! My Legendary Moist, Majestic Honey Cake — New Year’s is Sweeter with Honey!

These are some of my favorite recipes for the Jewish New Year. Nothing beats apple and honey so it’s my favs on those recipes. The Babka is also divine. It’s moist and fragrant — but it’ s not one of those gluey, sweet babkas. This is made for coffee and tea and you can also slice and toast it.

Honey Cake

People love or hate honey cake. I used to be in the latter group until I invented my own honey…

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